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A life without any passion is incomplete

Namaste Everyone,

I’m Amruta : Cooking is my passion and I love to experiment with new recipes as well as improvise the old ones with my own twist. I am a former lawyer from Maharashtra, India. I currently live in Virginia, USA with my husband.

How it all started …

My passion for cooking began in my mother’s kitchen. I was attracted by the smell of the spices, the sound of tadkas and the sheer taste of amazing recipes my mother prepared. As a kid, I spent most of my time in the kitchen with my mother. I learnt many recipes observing my mother in her kitchen.

From a very young age, I enjoyed watching cookery shows. I would enact my own imaginary cookery show using my mom’s utensils and real ingredients. My mother used to let me mess up her kitchen. In those days I did not make anything that was edible, that’s for sure – ha ha ha ha …

I am a foodie. I love food and I love cooking. My forte is to invent different dishes and innovate the existing dishes. Food is one of the most positive aspect of my life and it has never-ending possibilities. It can win hearts of people like no other. You can say there is ‘food for every mood’. Check out the gallery to find something for your mood right now.

Follow the heart

Food engages all your senses, the beauty of the dish that you see, the heady aroma that you smell, the texture that you feel when you touch it, the sound that you hear when you break a piece of snack and finally the taste of the food.

I found my calling in cooking. I followed my heart, gave up law and took a diploma in baking. One of my teachers at the bakery institute use to always say that “the future of bakery is whole wheat flour”. As many people are becoming more health conscious, they have started preferring whole wheat products to refined flour products. Keeping in mind the changing trends and changing mindset of people in regards to bakery I started experimenting with ingredients.

I wanted something that was healthy, tasty and flavorsome. After many trials, I came up with whole wheat flour biscuits with different flavors. I baked biscuits using finger millet as well. I am happy to say the lab results for the nutritional value for both biscuits were great. My products were happily received by the crowd. This resulted in creation of the tag line –

Junk food with no junk in it

by Amruta

My husband, Vishal is my biggest supporter and my most honest critic. He pushed me to create my own site. He is a foodie like me and has created a few recipes of his own that we would love to share as well.

Lets start our journey from tummy to heart together …

I hope that you enjoy these recipes as much as I enjoyed making them.

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