Welcome to the Gallery of Tummy to Heart. Here is a collection of all my recipes and creations organized by the categories. Hope you will find something that will stimulate your interest and your taste buds. Starting with soups, we move on to Starters and Appetizers followed by Main Course. Towards the end, we have the gallery segment on Drinks and Mocktails followed by Desserts.

Also, we have a special gallery section for Vegans and Sattvic diet followers. The Vegan section is my attempt to create flavorful vegan dishes that break the general belief that vegan dishes tend to be bland and tasteless. And I hope that in the Vegan section, you will find interesting ways to spice up your vegan recipe collection.

For Sattvic diet followers who prefer their dishes without onions and garlic, I hope you find your favorite recipe when you scroll to the Sattvic gallery. This segment caters to recipes that Indians like to cook during their traditional festive season. These are also the traditional dishes that we prepare when we have any religious functions at home.

The Drinks and Mocktail segment of the gallery is for people who are looking for innovative ways to enjoy their drinks. And mostly without alcohol …

Finally, dessert lovers can scroll to the Desserts section of the gallery to satiate their sweet tooth cravings. This segment is not for the calorie watchers.

For detailed videos of these recipes, please visit my Youtube Channel.

Do share your views and what you like or would like to see on Tummy to Heart.


Starters and Appetizers

Main Course

Sattvic Segment

Vegan Dishes

Non-Vegetarian Dishes

Drinks and Mocktails




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