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Tummy to Heart mantra is – “a way to everybody’s heart is through their stomach”. Food eaten with a smile on your face is the best way to eat it and for that along with salt sprinkle your food with a pinch of love.


This page is not limited to any one cuisine, here we will follow just our taste buds. But being an Indian from Maharashtra my recipes may lean little towards Indian flavors. Those who are very interested in cooking and baking but are confused about the techniques, DO NOT WORRY. As we go through different recipes, i’ll explain everything in detail, so i’ll be with you at every step of the way.

Old + New

We will explore traditional as well as modern recipes with some old and new twists. Cooking should be fun and satisfying. Enjoy good food and have everything. Everything is healthy even fat if consumed in small quantity.

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Me and My Passion

 How it all started … My passion for cooking began in my mother’s kitchen. I was attracted by the smell of the spices, the sound of tadkas and the sheer taste of amazing recipes my mother prepared. As a kid, I spent most of my time in the kitchen with […]

Shahi Malai Bhog main
Desserts, Recipes

Shahi Malai Bhog – a delicious and sweet indulgence

 Shahi Malai Bhog is an easy dessert recipe that is ideal for the festive season that starts from Ganesh Chaturthi and continues into the new year. Though easy, preparing this dessert is a little time-consuming. However, the effort is worth the satisfaction it brings to the senses. I strongly feel […]

coconut chana masala
Entrée, Recipes

Coconut Chana Masala – its spicy, coconutty and full of proteins

Coconut chana masala is one of the non-exotic dry recipes that is easy to make. It is a healthy vegan recipe full of proteins and nutrients that is flavorful and filling. This chana masala recipe can be considered as a quick brunch item as well as an entree item.

okra soup main

Okra Soup – with crispy okra – deliciously wholesome and filling

Okra soup with crispy Okra is a simple and rich recipe which tastes amazing. A conventional dish with an unconventional recipe.

Desserts, Recipes

Tangy Ice Candy – A deliciously tangy and sweet popsicle

Tangy Ice Candy – as the name suggests – is a tangy flavored popsicle made from raw mangos. Delicious and refreshing.

Vegan Carrot-Green Pasta
Entrée, Recipes

Vegan Carrot-Green Pasta – deliciously healthy and full of flavors

Vegan Carrot-Green pasta is one of the healthiest pasta recipe. The sauce for this dish is made from carrot greens and nuts.