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Indo-Mex Tacos 🌮 : A Healthy Budget-friendly Fusion Of Two Cultures

Namaskar everyone. Tacos are a vibrant Mexican dish known for their versatility and vibrant flavors. But what happens when you blend traditional taco elements with the rich, aromatic spices of India? This question inspired me to create my own version: Indo-Mex Tacos—a delightful budget-friendly and healthy fusion that tantalizes the […]

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Ambil – My Grandma’s recipe – Wholesome, hearty and quick to make

Ambil is a dish made from finger millet. Or as popularly known in India, Ragi or Nachni. Finger millet or ragi has a lot of health benefits that makes this a wonder grain. Ragi is one of the best non-dairy source of calcium. It helps in controlling diabetes. It is gluten free and is an excellent source of iron. Rich in anti-oxidants, it work as a natural relaxant. And the high amount of dietary fiber in it helps with weight loss by preventing unwanted cravings.