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Halwa Sandwich – too good to be true

Halwa sandwich made with carrots and beetroot is a perfect dessert recipe for the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa (Maharashtrian new year). As per tradition, I like making some kind of sweet. Traditionally in Maharashtra we make puran poli, but I wanted a little more variety this year. So here we are with my new creation – Halwa sandwich.

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Pineapple Mastani – you will keep drooling over this amazing combination

Pineapple Mastani has a beautiful combination of flavored milkshake and ice-cream with several toppings like chopped dry fruits, tutty fruity and cherries. This dessert originated in city of Pune situated in Western part of India in the state of Maharashtra. Every time we visited Pune, we would make it a […]

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Christmas Fruit Cake – Nutty In An Untraditionally Traditional Way

Christmas cake is a traditional recipe that we always make every year during the December holidays. Christmas holiday is full of celebration, enjoyment and spending time with your loved ones. And it typically involves having extravagantly delicious food. And what is Christmas celebration without fruit cake as a dessert. With […]