T2H Kolhapuri Masala – An amazing additive to spice up any curry



Kolhapuri masala is made to order so that you always receive fresh home made masala. No preservatives. Use the masala within 4 months of opening the package.

Store it in an airtight glass container or jar for preserving the freshness of the masala longer. Avoid storing it in a metal jar or plastic container.

Weight: 75g

Recommended usage: 1 – 1.5 tsp in any curry for four people


Kolhapuri masala powder originated from the city of Kolhapur, situated in the state of Maharashtra, India. This masala powder requires a combination 29 ingredients. I guarantee you that it will make your dishes special. The aroma of this masala powder is very enticing. Kolhapuri masala powder is extremely effective for non-vegetarian dishes. But vegetarian dishes also taste great when made using this masala powder.

For dishes using Kolhapuri Masala look at the following recipes:

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